Alliance in the Warlands

Story's Cover

Story’s Cover

This is the cover of a story I made called Alliance in the Warlands.

I made a small page for the information of the characters that have been introduced into the story so far. The reason I didn’t post it on wordpress is because when I previewed it, it has too much space in between graphs and words.

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Characters so Far:


Yasushi Tatsuya

Yasushi Tatsuya

Yuki Michiyo

Yuki Michiyo

Suzuki Omi

Suzuki Omi

Risasen Kumiko

Risasen Kumiko

Satomi and Satako Sue

Satomi and Satako Sue

Sanjyu Ni

Sanjyu Ni

Ritsuki Misayo

Ritsuki Misayo

Osaka Osaka

Osaka Osaka

Nemay Misayo

Nemay Misayo

Neikan (Upper Half)

Neikan (Upper Half)

Neikan (Lower Half)

Neikan (Lower Half)

Natalia Omi

Natalia Omi

Midori Moto

Midori Moto

Melody Osaka

Melody Osaka

Kenta Misayo

Kenta Misayo

General Dor Fujimoto

General Dor Fujimoto

Hitomi Rei

Hitomi Rei

Elena Osaka

Elena Osaka

Ariyia Misayo

Ariyia Misayo

Rosa Osaka

Rosa Osaka

Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 9

Chapter 9- Rightfully Mine

Kenta was sitting in the infirmary looking around. “Oh, a stethoscope!” He picked it up, but as soon as he heard footsteps, he put it back. A woman with blue hair and red eyes came into the room. “Who are you?” “I’m the Nurse. I met you when you first came here. My name is Suzuki, Suzuki Omi. I’m Natalia’s older sister.” “Really? I didn’t know Nurse Natalia had a sister.” “Oh, she’s just ashamed of me because she thinks I’m irresponsible.” She said as she left the room. “Natalia!” “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Natalia said as she walked down the stairs of the Nurse’s office door. “Ugh, why are you so lazy. Can’t you handle a patient yourself?” “I can, but you do it so well, I don’t wanna cramp your style.” Suzuki said as she pinched Natalia’s cheeks, leaving the room afterwards.

Sigh I can’t believe her.” Natalia said as she slid the curtains back of the patient bed. “Rosa? W-what happened to her?” Natalia asked, looking into the gaping hole in her stomach. Natalia began rushing around her office, grabbing bandages, disinfectant, and stitches. “She was attacked by a giant ram!” “What!?” “I know, right!? Out of all the crazy things!” “No! It sounds like she was fighting with Yasushi. Why?” Natalia asked as she lifted Rosa’s shirt a little, disinfecting it. “Ow……” Rosa began to open her eyes. Natalia punched her in the face, causing her to become unconscious again. “Why’d you do that?” “She needs to be asleep for this. Now tell me what happened?” “Well, we were training and I had to fight Yasushi. Rosa jumped in front of me and Yasushi ran into her with his horn.” As Natalia was treating Rosa, she noticed that Kenta had blood on his short. “What happened to you?” “Oh, Yasushi kicked me in the side. Nurse Suzuki already treated me, it’s nothing serious.” Kenta answered.

As Natalia turned Rosa over, the pendent that Kenta thought she threw out fell onto the floor. “What? I thought she threw this away.” Natalia looked over at him, just as she finished stitching in the last stitch. “Huh? That’s Ritsuki’s old pendent. She’d never throw that out.” “Wait, why would she have something of my father’s?” “Rosa still worked here in her younger years, so she knew Ritsuki for a little while. She gave that pendent to him as a gift to thank him for being a great father to her.” “Father? To her?” “Well, Rosa didn’t know who her father was but Ritsuki was kind to her and she looked up to him as a father figure. The day before the invasion, he sent everything he sent the pendent to the your home so it wouldn’t get lost or stolen.”

“Really?” Kenta looked down at the pendent. “Yea. He told her that if she ever found it again, she could keep it as a memento.” Kenta looked down at the pendent once more and took it off. “I guess she needs it more than I do.” Kenta took off his necklace and clipped it around Rosa’s neck. Just then, Rosa began to wake up. “W-where am I?…Ow.” Rosa sat up really slowly. “You’re in the infirmary. I never would have thought that you would ever be a patient of mines.” “What are you doing in here?” Rosa looked at Kenta. “Hey, I was the one who carried you. At least I could get a thank you.” “Hmph, nope.” Rosa looked down at the necklace on and took it off, stuffing it into her pocket. “I-I’m keeping it! So don’t even ask!” Rosa looked off the the side. “You can keep it.” Rosa became wide-eyed and silent for a minute. “Ha! D-don’t think I’m saying thank you or anything…” she said as she looked at the blood on Kenta’s shirt. “Are you alright? Not that I care or anything.” “I’m alright. Why did you jump in front of me?” Rosa looked at Kenta for a while and got up. Walking up to the stairs of the infirmary, she stopped and said, “I’m not one to break a promise.”

Rosa opened the door and left. “Hmm…a promise?” Kenta looked at Natalia with a quizzical look.


Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Class Is In Session


Before Elena and Natalia left the two in complete shock, she gave them a new room number. They both walked silently down the hall, not saying a word to each other as they headed into their separate rooms and began to pack their stuff. Eager to be the first one to the room, Rosa packed her things quickly, clothes and books, and ran off to the new room. Kenta, however, had a lot of things to pack. Not only did he have to pack his clothes, but also pictures he brought with him, pendent from his father, a bag full of things such as color pencils, pens, speakers, various cords, shoes, and his sword. He lugged his heavy bag down and looked for the room number. Rosa took the paper with their new room number on it so Kenta wouldn’t know what room to go to, but luckily he got a glimpse of the paper. In fact, their new room was on a completely different floor. “C 10. Finally made it.” Kenta looked around the room hoping she wouldn’t be in there, and she wasn’t. At first, he couldn’t tell if she had actually been in to room or not. But then he spotted a framed picture on a brown dresser beside the bed and in front the window. It was a little girl with short blue hair that was curled inward and blue eyes. She had on a lavender dress with tiny ribbons around the collar. Next to the little girl were two other people. A short blue haired woman with blue eyes. “Hmm, that looks like Ms.Elena.” Next to Elena was a little girl in a baby blue dress with tiny ribbons around the collar. She had blonde hair and green eyes. “That must be the girl I met at the castle. Princess Melody? So that must be Rosa. She looks a lot nicer in the photo than she does in real life.” Looking at the picture, Kenta declared that she might have been 5 or 6 in the picture.

“Sigh I should organize my stuff.” Kenta took all his things out his bag. As he went to hang up his closet, he saw Rosa’s clothes. He slid them over and hung his up. He didn’t know where to put his shoes so he put them all in one pile beside the dresser and stuffed the rest of his stuff in all the draws except the third draw. “Hm, I should sleep in my old room one last time.” Kenta said as he left the room, closing the door behind him. Rosa finally came from out of the bathroom, she’d been hiding there waiting for him to leave. “Ugh, look at this mess. I’m gonna have to clean up around here. Well, there’s nothing of mine that needs to go, it’s all of the boy’s junk all over the place.”

Rosa went into a janitor’s closet across the hall and got a trash bag. As she walked in, she saw a note on the bed. “I’ll be sleeping in my old room but only for tonight. -Kenta. Well would you look at that, he thinks I care. At least I have the bed to myself. Now, time to get rid of this junk.”



Kenta got out of bed with a grin on his face, greeting everyone he passed by. He felt so drained from the day he had yesterday that a good sleep was what he needed. “What’s up, guys?” Kenta said as he stopped in the hallway, greeting Satomi and Satako. “What’s wrong with you? Moron.” Said the twins simultaneously  ‘I’m just feeling good today.” Kenta said as he ran off to his new room. Rosa was still sleeping til she hear the room door open. “Hey? where did my stuff go?” “Yawn…stuff?” “Yea! My shoes, and other stuff.” “Oh, that. I put everything you really need in some drews and others in the closet. You don’t need that many pairs of shoes.” Rosa laid back down. “Hey, don’t we have to train? Why are you going back to sleep?” “I have 30 more minutes.” her words faded as she dozed off.

“Junk?” Kenta began searching around. Rosa threw away 4 pairs of his shoes, leaving him with two. She’d also thrown away photos he brought with him, but only ones that didn’t have Ariyia, Nemay, or Ritsuki in them. “Hm, at least she has SOME heart.” As he searched through his stuff, he sees that she really didn’t leave him much. But what he was looking for was his pendent that he got from his dad. “Where is it!?” Just then, Rosa’s alarm went off and she sprung up like a flower in spring.  “Rosa! Did you see a red pendent in here!?” “Oh, you mean that piece of junk? You don’t need it.” Suddenly, Kenta felt enraged. “That was my father’s pendent!” “Oh…too bad then.” Rosa got up and took her clothes into the bathroom with her. Kenta just sat there, staring off into the distance. “You should get dressed!” She yelled from the bathroom. When Rosa walked passed Kenta to the door, she noticed he was staring at her. For some reason, it felt as if there was a spear piercing her soul. “S-stop staring at me, dumbass!”

The two walked to the Unit’s training area outside, but they still didn’t talk to each other. “Oh um, w-who are you?” a girl walked up behind Kenta. She had light brunette hair that was curly and purple eyes that were behind round glasses sitting on her face.. “Oh, my name’s Kenta. Kenta Misayo.” “Kenta Misayo!? You’re Ritsuki’s son, correct?” “Yep.” The girl held out her hand and said, “I-I’m Yuki Michiyo.” Kenta shook her hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” Yuki bowed. “How do you know my dad?” Kenta asked. “When my mom worked here, she said that Ritsuki was one of the top swordsmen here. She took pictures of his amazing sword. I’ve been closely observing your family ever since…” Rosa came over and said, “So, you’re a stalker?” “W-what!? No no no, what I do is very different from a stalker.” She said with a sweet smile. “Oh really? Then what do you do?” “I just observe the Misayo family’s daily agenda from a close distance but not so close to be seen and I note things.” Yuki turned to Kenta, “But I observe you the most. I know you that you’re 17 years old, your blood type is AB+, your favorite color is black, you have one sister and no brothers. Your father, when in his true form, is a Humbata and your mother is an angel and your sister is an angel too. But since she is young she has fairy wings. You’re an Humbata too but you have angel wings.”

Kenta looked around him. “Eh, I don’t see wings and I don’t look very much like a Humbata either…” Yuki sighed, “Silly, it takes practice trying to unleash your true form. However, you are 17 and you should have mastered it years ago.” “What?” Just then, Satako and Satomi showed up. “Well, it appears Kenta isn’t as smart as others are.” Said Satomi and it mocking voice. “That’s too bad. He’ll never be as good as his father.” Said Satako. Both of them wrapped their arms around Rosa’s arm and said simultaneously, “Isn’t that right, boss?” Rosa replied by saying, “Yes, I suppose you’re right.” They walked off. “D-don’t mind the twins. They’re just Kitsunes.” “Kitsunes?” Kenta asked. “A Kitsune is a fox with nine tails and are suppose to be intelligent creatures. They can shapeshift, fly, become invisible, and also make lightning and fire.” “You seem to know a lot about people around here.” “Well of course, I like to keep my tabs on people. Especially you.” Yuki said as she winked and skipped away.

“Everyone, line up!” Yelled a girl’s voice on a bullhorn. Everyone looked around and it was Rosa in front of a building. “What is she doing?” “The General of this training unit, General Dor, says that Rosa is his most promising student….basically, she’s the teacher’s pet. He lets her do things like this.” Kenta looked around for the voice that answered his question. “Right here.” Kenta looked around and there was a guy behind him. He was wearing a gray somewhat jogging suit jacket with white lines and black pants. He had long silver hair, red eyes, and a brownish curled horn on one side of his head and one sticking straight up on the other side. “Oh um…hi?” “You must be new here, my name is Yasushi Tatsuya…” “My name’s–” “Kenta Misayo….Yuki told me…” “Oh. Well um, hi.” “You said that…” There was an awkward silence between the two. Kenta just slowly turned back around towards Rosa.”

“General Dor said he’s tidying up some stuff in his office for right now. But he wants me to announce that today, we will be practicing by having one on one battles and unleashing forms.” Everyone said “Oooooh.” Just then, a door opened behind her and a man came out of the building. On his torso armor, was a golden crest above his chest in the shape of a sword pointing downward with wings angel wings spreading from the back. His shoulder was surrounded in golden shoulder pad armor. His lower half consisted of blue hakamas. On his feet were socks and straw flip flops. His greenish hair went to his neck and covered over one of his golden eyes. “Rosa, have you informed them of what we will be doing today?” “Yes sir General Dor sir!” General Dor scanned the crowd of people. “Hm…who is that?” “That is Kenta Misayo. He our newest recruit.” “Misayo? Son of Ritsuki?” “Yes sir General Dor sir.” “KENTA MISAYO! PLEASE STEP FORWARD!” The crowd parted, leaving Kenta in the middle of the clearing. He walked up to General Dor and said, “Hm?” Rosa grabbed him by his shirt and yelled, “You do not say “hm” when speaking to General Dor! When you are talking to him, you say “Sir”! And when you’re answering a yes or no question, you answer with “Yes sir” or “No sir”!!! Do you understand, cadet!?”

“Y-yes sir! I-I mean I understand!” Rosa glared at him. “Hmph, don’t get yourself killed, moron.” She said as she turned away and walked off laughing. “You look a lot like your father.” Said General Dor. Kenta looked down a little and said, “I get that a lot, sir.” “You must also be a great swordsman like your father, I presume?” “Oh, I-I’m working on it sir.” “I’m expecting great things from you. In fact, how about we start a the training with you first?” General Dor smiled. “I can’t do that, sir.” At first General Dor stared at him with a confused look on his face, Then he laughed. “Ahahah, you’re funny just like your old man. Kenta gave a little fake laugh. “Oh!” Rosa looked up, “Why don’t we put him up against Yasushi!” “He’s pretty strong, I don’t know about that.” “Wait, sir.” Rosa put her hand over Kenta’s mouth. “I’m sure he can handle him. I mean, he’s the son of a great swordsman, with great skills and a master at form training.”

“Ah, you’re right.” General Dor agreed with Rosa. Rosa handed him a bullhorn. “Satako and Satomi, I want you two to to go up against Kenta.” General Dor smiled. “Make sure you go easy on him son.” he laughed as he walked off. Kenta started trembling in fear. He ran to Yuki. “You gotta help me here!” Kenta was panicking. “Calm down, if you’re lucky enough you won’t be shredded to bits….hopefully.” Kenta looked Yuki wide-eyed. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Rosa didn’t order them to tear you to kill you.” Just then, Rosa, with Satako and Satomi. “You’re dead, loser.” Satomi and Satako echoed her saying, “Yea, loser.” and walked off.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll live. The worst that could happen is that you could be armless.” Yuki said with a smile. Then there was a ding. “Listen up! Yasushi and Kenta, I want you two to both fight with your weapons so I can see your skills in that area. Then when you hear another ding, you will change into your forms so I can see what ya got. When I blow this whistle, it’s time to stop. Understood?” “Yes, sir.” Yasushi and Kenta answered simultaneously. The two were led to a wide, dusty platform on the ground with a line through the middle. Kenta stood on the right and Yasushi stood on the left. Kenta thought to himself. “Ok, all I have to do is take him out with  my sword before the bell rings.ding. After the ding sound, Kenta pulled out his sword and so did Yasushi. Kenta noticed that his sword looked a little weird, almost as if it had a gun on it. Then Yasushi began to load it and shot. Luckily, Kenta pulled up his sword just in time. “A-are you crazy, did you just try to shoot me?’ “Don’t worry, I know where to shoot so I won’t kill you.” Yasushi said as he charged at Kenta. Kenta put his sword in front of him again to dodge his attack.
“You’re pretty fast.” said Yasushi with an impressed sound in his voice. “But can you stop…this! Frostic Blast!” Yasushi yelled as he thrust his sword into the ground, The earth started to rumble as ice blades formed around Kenta. “Hey! No fair!” Kenta yelled as he looked around. “Damn it, I can;t see a thing.” “Hmph, this is gonna be a quick battle.” Yasushi laughed. “Oh right! What was that move that dad taught me!?” Kenta asked himself he looked around. “That;s right! Air Slicer!” he yelled. Kenta swung his sword all around, creating a circle around him. It expanded, and sliced the ice. Yasushi came back down, astonished that he was able to break the thick ice barrier around him. General Dor clapped, saying “That was Ritsuki’s favorite move.” then he continued to watch the match. Rosa looked at General Dor, then back at Kenta and growled. Yasushi started shooting bullets from the sky and Kenta would dodge or block them. Ding. “Damn it!!!” Rosa began to laugh hysterically, General Dor looked at her. “Are you alright?” “Y-yes sir General Dor sir.”

“Ok, it’s time to change into your forms!” Kenta stood there, almost like he was a statue. “Yes! The fear in his eyes! This is just wonderful!” Rosa thought to herself. A smile was on her face so wide that it was almost like it spread to the back of her head. “Uh…” “Nervous…?” Yasushi asked. “Pfft. No way!” Kenta laughed sarcastically. A strong wind picked up, forming around Yasushi. He then began chanting an incantation.  Suddenly, there was a giant ram in front of him. But it had sharp teeth, and one curled horn with the other pointed out in the air. The hoofs were sharp at the end. Kenta sat there and fear, thinking to himself. “What am I going to do now!?” “Oh, Kenta. What are you going to do now.” Rosa laughed in her head. Rosa looked at General Dor’s face, he seemed discouraged. “What’s wrong sir General Dor sir?” “It seems like he might not know what he’s doing…” “Oh, really? Maybe he doesn’t know how to change forms. It’s just a wild guess.” “Hmm…”

Meanwhile, Kenta was running from Yasushi who was chasing around the platform. Kenta tripped but as he got up, Yasushi rammed into him, causing him to fly into a tree. “Ah!” he screamed in fear. Yasushi raised his hoof and tried to step on him. Kenta took out his sword and kept blocking his hoofs. “Stop!” Yasushi then kicked him, stabbing him in the side of his stomach. “Ow!” Kenta screamed in pain. Clutching his side, he couldn’t get up. “General Dor,” Rosa chimed in, “I think you can blow the whistle now.” “In a real fight, a whistle doesn’t stop what’s going on.” “I know I know, but I think that now, would be a good time to stop the fight.” “No, this is training.” Rosa glared at General Dor and said, “As the future Heir of this company, I demand you blow that whistle.” As she was talking to General Dor, who was standing his ground, Yasushi started walking backwards, preparing to ram Kenta with his pointy horn.

Rosa looked up, to see him running towards Kenta. “Ugh, persistent little…” Rosa ran out onto the platform and stood in front of Kenta as Yasushi ran forward. “Ugh…stupid…ram.” Rosa said as the horn stabbed through her stomach. Kenta looked up. “R-Rosa?” “Rosa? What?” Yasushi had been looking down so he didn’t know who his horn went through. He pulled away and Rosa fell to the ground. Kenta crawled up to her. “Rosa, why did you–” “S-shut up, y-you dumbass. Why is everything….so blurry…?” Rosa said right before she fainted. A crowd circled around her saying, “Is she OK?” or “Someone call the nurse!”

Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 7

Chapter 7- Roommates

Kenta walked alongside Natalia as they headed back to the kingdom to return the staff. As they neared the kingdom, they heard a something moving in the bushes and stopped. “What was that?” As soon as she asked, a monster jumped out of the bushes. “AHH!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?” “Calm down, Kenta. It’s just a Vine.” It was creature that had the body and head of a spider and a scorpion tail. “H-how can you be so calm about this!? Look at it!” “Don’t worry, Kenta.” Natalia said with a smile. “They’re hostile creatures at night but they’re not that strong. Barely a threat. Just take out your sword and kill it.” Kenta took out his sword. It was a large gray blade with an outlining of red on both sides.

“T-that sword…” Natalia looked at it in astonishment. Kenta quickly slayed the beast and kept walking. Meanwhile, Natalia stared at his sword until he put it away. “Are you coming?” “Huh? Oh, yes!” The two ran forward, finally making it to the Kingdom. “Woah, look at this place. Is there some sort of festival going on?” Natalia laughed “I understand that you’re not from Teo-ni, but you seriously don’t know about Azmar? Even people from Mao-choi know about Azmar and the Kingdom.” “Azmar? What’s Azmar?”

“Azmar is where the Castle of Iso Saya Kingdom is located. Historically speaking, this is where the kingdom first formed, and the Goddess Iso Saya’s burial ground. This town, is the heart of the Kingdom. Many people and towns are connected to it.” “Is that why these people are celebrating or something?” Kenta and Natalia looked around. People were dancing with each other, there was stands selling things such as cakes, snacks, food, and other stands with games and activities. Kids were running around and playing games such as hopscotch or “Don’t Step On The Crack.”

“Actually, today is the day that Iso Saya was born. That’s why that staff is so important. It was Iso Saya’s. It has been passed down from generation to generation.” Natalia giggled a little. Kenta looked down at the Comentfell Staff and wrapped it up in a cloth. “Well, we better give it back.” Kenta smiled.


“I can’t believe that idiot.” Rosa was sitting on the back of Sanjyu’s broom, tapping the wooden part with her fingernails in agitation. “I agree, he is an idiot. Risasen is dangerous and it would have been best to kill her right then and there. Also to end her suffering…buuut…” Sanjyu hesitated to finish her sentence. “But, what?” Rosa glared. “Well, I can see where he’s coming from. I mean, Risasen never really got to live a full life. It’s sad. I’d hesitate to kill her, too.” “Pfft, it would have been best to kill her. We need to protect Teo-ni and the kingdom.” “But–” “Listen, San. Life is full of tragedies. A lot of good, and innocent people die for no reason. But you can’t save everyone.”.Sanjyu just sat there in silence, trying to think of a different topic to. “U-um, so how is your sister?” “Oh that’s right, I didn’t visit her today.”

“Maybe we can stop by the Azmar and see her?” “Nah, Kenta and Natalia are probably still there. I couldn’t bare to be within 300 feet of Kenta.” Sanjyu grew silent once more. The rest of the way back to Teo-ni Agency.

Kenta and Natalia finally made it up to Iso Saya castle. “Halt!” One of the guards at the front stopped them. “We recognise you, Natalia. But who is this punk?” “This “punk” is the one of the ones that helped me retrieve the staff.” “I am?” Kenta asked. Natalia kicked him. “ apologies. Please, come in.” The other guard got ready to open the castle doors, but they soon flung opened. On the other side was a girl with medium-length blond hair with green eyes. She had on a tiara and a white dress with a black ribbon around the bust area. The puffed shoulders of the dress went down to loose sleeves and the ends of the sleeves were outlined in black laces. Around the abdomen of the dress, was half a white silky wrap that were connected with black laces forming several x’s downward. The dress was so low that it covered the girl’s feet.


“Rosa! Huh….where’s Rosa? I heard voices.” The girl looked around. The smile that was once on her face now went away and was replaced with a frown. “Oh, Princess Melody.” The guards bowed. Melody pulled her dress up, only by an inch, to do a curtsey back. “Princess, we’ve retrieved the Cometfell Staff.” Natalia took the staff from Kenta, unwrapped it, and handed it to Melody. “Oh, why thank you. Might I ask who this young man is?” “Oh, uh, I’m sorry, My name’s Kenta.” Kenta bowed. “Well, I guess I’ll be going. Natalia, can you please tell Rosa I look forward to her visiting me sometime soon?” Melody said with a smile on her face, completely ignoring Kenta’s introduction. With that said, the guards closed the castle doors and Kenta, along with Natalia, were on their way back. “What is her relationship with Rosa?” “Oh, she’s her sister.” Kenta began to laugh. “What!? That’s impossible. They don’t really look related, and their personalities say otherwise.”


A while of walking and the two finally made it back to the Agency, just as Sanjyu and Rosa were landing. Rosa hopped off the broom and stared at Kenta, who stared back. Suddenly, they dashed for the front gate and through the doors of the agency. “What was that about?” Sanjyu asked with a quizzical look on her face. Natalia remembered what she had to tell Elena and then she was off as well. “Wow, talk about rude.” Kenta, Rosa, and Natalia were all running down the halls trying to get to Elena’s office. Rosa pushed Kenta into a wall, but she she tripped and knocked over a guy holding a coffee. “Look, Bro! I finished the tea.” said one of the Sue twins Kenta met earlier. They were in one of the agency’s many kitchens, making tea. “…Satomi!” Satako, the eldest sister yelled. “Oh, sorry sis. I thought I heard a stampede.” Said Satomi, looking around. He opened the door and just then Rosa, Kenta, and Natalia came running around the corner. “Block him!” Rosa yelled as she ran past the room the twins were in. “Got it boss!” The Satako and Satomi gave a salute, sticking out one of their feet. Not only did Kenta trip over them, but so did Natalia.

“Oh my, so sorry Ms.Natalia. We were trying to trip Kenta.” Satako and Satomi said in unison. Natalia glared and got up. Throwing down a smoke bomb, she disappeared. “Woah! Where did she go!?” Satako yelled. Kenta looked around and gave the twins a mean look, who exchanged it by sticking out their tongues.

Rosa came to a corner and stopped, leaving a skid mark on the floor. Down that hall, was a door labeled “Elena’s Office”. “Yes, finally!” Rosa walked towards the door. “I’m gonna get Kenta out of here once and for all!” she got even closer. “Once I tell mom how terrible he performed on the mission, she’s gonna be begging me to kick him out.” Finally making it to the door, she put her hand on the doorknob. Rosa ferociously spun the knob and flung the door open so hard that it hit the wall, shaking everything mounted on the wall.

But soon, Rosa’s smile faded. “N-Natalia!? H-h-how in the world did you…” “Oh my, Rosa. I see you’ve finally made it.” Natalia said with an ominous smile. “Rosa, darling.” “Y-yes mother?” “Ms.Natalia has told me all about the mission. I’m glad you went out of your way to save Ms.Natalia. I don’t know what we would have done without her.” Elena gave a pleasing look. “S-saved…her…?” “Ah, but that isn’t all. I heard you and Kenta, along with Sanjyu unexpectedly, retrieved the Cometfell Staff. I’m so proud of you all.” Just as Elena finished, Kenta came running into the office. “I am so so so so sorry Ms.Osaka. I don’t mean to barge in here like this.” Elena laughed a little. “Actually, Kenta, your timing couldn’t have been better. I have great news. Ms.Natalia has informed me that you did exceptionally well. I’d like to promote you into one of our frontline units.”

“E-exceptionally well!?” Kenta and Rosa shouted simultaneously. Rosa with the look of depression and Kenta being overjoyed. “Yes, you’ll get to train alongside Rosa now. Isn’t that exciting?” The room got silent. “Uh, anyway…could you two please stand outside my door. Me and Ms.Natalia must discuss something important.” Elena said after clearing her thought. Her voice lost the tone of a smile. “Yes, ma’am.” The two bowed and waited outside the door.


“I can’t believe it. You were a complete moron during that mission!” Rosa yelled. “Ha! You the one who almost blew up!” Kenta smirked.


In the office, the two were silent. They were smiling like they were when Kenta and Rosa had entered the room. Now Natalia and Elena looked serious. “Natalia…if what you’re telling me is correct, then Kenta might possess…THAT sword. It is such an honor that the goddess Iso Saya has blessed the world with such a gifted child.” Elena smiled a little. “However, Kenta lacks the power level and skill needed to wield his half of the great Jinnai Sword.” “I see…” “We also must remember that Rosa wields the other half. She, too, has yet to unlock the sword’s full potential. But she’s very close to it, so it shouldn’t be hard to train her. Kenta on the other hand…” Natalia sighed.


“Pfft. There’s no way I’d ever train with a complete imbecile. I don’t even want you in the same unit as me.” Rosa said to Kenta as she rolled her eyes. “There’s no way I’d train with a completely self absorbed, selfish, rude and belligerent brat like you.” Kenta said as he crossed his arms. “Oh I’ll show you rude and belligerent!” Rosa slapped Kenta.


“Well, since Rosa is such a kind and sweet girl, maybe she can help Kenta train?” Natalia suggested. Suddenly, Elena got an idea. “Natalia, you’re brilliant! The more they train together, the more Kenta will absorb Rosa’s technique!”


“You know what!? I don’t want you even 30 feet near me!” Rosa shouted. “Good! Because I wouldn’t want to be near you anyway!” Kenta shouted back.


“We’ve got to keep them close together so we can keep an eye on the swords as well. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen.” Elena said, coming up with another idea. “I know!” “What is it, ma’am?” “I’ll just have them move into the same dorms. It’s a better way to make sure they stay close by and get along with each other. The sword won’t combine if the users of them don’t get along very well .” “Another excellent idea, ma’am.”


“I certainly glad I don’t have to share a room with the likes of you! I’d probably just kill myself!” “Heh! I’d rather share a room with a giant rat!”


As the two were arguing, the door to Elena’s office opened. “O-oh! Hi mother!” “Hello, darling. I have great news to share with you. I’m sure you will be pleased.” Elena tilted her head to the side. It seemed to be still and quiet and she got ready to tell them the news. “I’m going to assign you and Kenta to a dorm together.” It became even more silent that no one there was sure that there could be even less noise. It was so quiet, Natalia swore she heard a dust mite drop. “Um, you know…so you can get along…well, this is getting quite awkward so I guess I’ll be going now?” Elena, followed by Natalia, hurried along to the cafeteria. Kenta and Rosa stared at each other.

Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6- Rescuing The Staff! I Mean Natalia!


“The first mission I’ve ever been in a predicament like this…and it’s all your fault.” Rosa said as she pointed to Kenta. “M-MY FAULT!?” “YES! YOUR FAULT!” “How exactly is it my fault?” “It just is!” Rosa shouted. “Guys, please don’t fight. We need to find a way outta here.” “Ugh, you’re right.” “My my my, look who it is?” A mysteriously high pitched voice came from above. A whip wrapped around the bars of the prison. “Wait….Neikan the Dream Stealer…” “Who?” Kenta asked. A woman walked down the whip as if it were a tight rope.
She had faint lavender on top of her hair, which was pink the rest of the way down her back. She wore a light blue dress with a yellow belt around her hip. Her crimson red eyes seemed to glow in the dim room.
“Who’s the loser that screwed?” Neikan asked. Rosa pointed to Kenta and said, “He’s new.” “Ah, another victim to torture perhaps? Just thinking about it gets me tingling.” “I rather be talking to Midori…” Rosa mumbled. Neikan left but only after looking her up and down. “Why do they call her “dream stealer”? Asked Kenta. ” Because,” Sanjyu began to explain, “she’s a Baku. They take peoples’ nightmare and dreams. Though, she usually uses her power to steal dreams. Anyway, how are we gonna get out of here? Any plans?” Sanjyu asked shortly after explaining.
As they thought on possible escape plans, a lady came walking down the hall. She was dressed in a unusually short white nurse dress with a nurse hat that had a red cross on it. “Nurse Natalia!” Yelled Sanjyu through the metal bars. “Oh! Sanjyu! And…Rosa? And Kenta, what are you all doing in there?” “We were sorta caught…” Kenta answered as he shrugged his shoulders. “Yea, because of this screw up.” Rosa replied. Kenta just scowled at her. “We were coming to rescue you!” Sanjyu shouted happily. “Correction, we came to find the Cometfell Staff.” Nurse Natalia disregarded that statement.
“Wait, on my way down the hall, I think I saw it in a glass case!” “Good! Now get us outta here and we can get it!” “No no no. Uh, if I let you guys out, there’s a more likely chance we’ll get caught.” Nurse Natalia said as she ran off. Rosa yelled for her to wait and come back but Natalia was already off. “Great…”


“Hmm, I guess there’s still some flaws in the creation…” Natalia said as she was running down the hall. She stopped at a threshold and pass it was the staff. She looked around and saw there were some people guarding it. “Hmm, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.” Natalia ripped off her nurse outfit, revealing a dress with a black top and black skirt and a purple torso. She took out a gold shield with a two different colored green orb in the middle and a red orb on one side and a Blue orb on the other side. Natalia strapped the shield to her arm and three curved blades stuck out of the shield one three different sides.


“This shouldn’t be a problem.” She said as she ran into the room quickly, taking off one of the guards head. “W-what the-” Natalia stabbed the other guard through his armor. “Hmph, I would expect this to be heavily guarded…” Natalia folded the shield up into a fan like shape put it away, whip picking up the staff from its glass case and taking a pair of keys from the wall.
“Oh my, I almost forgot.” Natalia spun a purple ribbon around 360 degrees that was tied around her neck, changing her attire back to her nurse outfit.


“Natalia is sure taking a long time…” Kenta worried. “It’s her fault if she’s in trouble. I told her to wait and get us outta here.” Suddenly, a strange figure jumped from the sky and in front of the bars. “AH!” They all screamed. “Hellooooo nurse.” Sanjyu said happily. “Shh shh.” Natalia warned her as she stuck three different keys into the keyhole and finally turned the right one. The metal bars swung open and the three were released from their confinement. “Now time to get out of here!” Rosa pulled Kenta’s and Sanjyu’s arm and ran forward. It wasn’t long before they were stopped by a blond girl with long hair and a ponytail in the back. Her green eyes look innocent and peaceful. She was dressed in a somewhat short black dress that split, at the end of a dress girdle wrapped around her stomach, and revealed pink ruffles.


“I-I’m sorry, you can’t leave. Um, please return back to your cells.” She said shyly. Rosa took out her black and red sword, “Make me,” she said. “Rosa! What are you doing!?” Kenta was puzzled. “She seems like just a normal girl.” “Heh, normal? Believe me, she’s far from it.” The girl walked closer and Rosa drew her sword towards her. “Please, I-I don’t want to fight you. I just need you all to go back to your cells, quietly.”


Kenta began walking towards her and talking “Look, we don’t mean any trouble, just excuse Rosa’s behavior. We’re just trying to pass so we can leave.” “Please…j-just stay back!” The girl put her hands up towards him. “W-what!?” Kenta walked a little closer. “I said…STAY BACK!!!” The girl yelled and Rosa pulled Kenta back. “Next time, listen to me. You dufus!” A ring of black smoke formed around the girl and a quake started. “W-what’s happening!?” “She’s turning into her demon form! You guys have to get out of here!” “What!?” “Just get outta here, dufus!” Rosa pushed Kenta, and Natalia towards the way out and they ran out. Sanjyu began to run but Rosa held her back. “You’re staying with me!” “W-why!?” “As bad as you’re magic is, I’m gonna need you!”


Kenta and Natalia were gasping for air. “I-I don’t get it. What happened?” “The girl in there, her name is Risasen. She’s highly dangerous.” “B-but she seemed like a normal girl.” Kenta seemed confused. “She’s not. In fact, she’s just a dead body.” “A d-dead body?” Kenta felt creeped at, as if something was crawling up his spine. “Yes. Kenta, are you aware of a parasite named Moontypa?” “No, what’s that?” “Well, it’s a parasite that originated before all other life. When someone dies, if the body is not properly disinfected, a Moontypa is likely to be lured to it. The Moontypa digs a hole through the host’s skull and takes over the body.”


“But what does that have to do with that ‘Risasen’ girl?” “When she was a child, they took her to a science lab. The scientists there surgically injected a Moontypa into her brain. However, this is a new type of Moontypa. If people try hard enough, they can control it and use it’s power. However, in Risasen’s case, died within a week. However, with the Moontypa still inside her, she was able to still be alive but not really…”live.” “What do you mean?” “Well, like I said earlier, it’s just a dead body.


Her mind and everything is the same as when she was alive but her soul isn’t there. She’s like an empty vessel being controlled. Being reborn, the Moontypa’s power reacted to her old memories, making the Moontypa think and act like her. However, when it…or should I say when ‘Risasen’ feels threatened, the Moontypa releases it’s power and it unleashes a demon form of Risasen.”


“Wait, how do you know all the things you said are actually correct?” “ well, back when she was taken to the lab, I was actually-” in mid sentence, Natalia was interrupted. Risasen was thrown out of the building through a wall. Her hair was somewhat frizzy covering over one of her eyes. The same eyes that were once innocent and peaceful brown eyes were now red and filled with rage. She even had sharp fangs.


Rosa and Sanjyu jumped out of the hole. “Hey, why does Sanjyu get to fight too!?” Kenta complained? Natalia grabbed him by the arm and ran back to not get caught in the crossfire of the battle. “The only thing that can defeat a demon is another demon or an angel. However, we don’t have an angel to take care of the problem. And witches are effective against a Moontypa.” “Demon? I don’t see a demon.” Kenta looked around. Natalia pointed towards Rosa and said,”You’re looking at one.”


Risasen and Rosa charged at each other. Risasen held her arm forward. Strapped to her arm was a curved blade. As the two collided, sparks flew. They swung furiously at each other. Rosa yelled, “still think she’s normal!?” Kenta just crossed his arms. But his attention was caught when Rosa stabbed Risasen in the stomach and she fell down. “This is it, you stupid little- oof!” Rosa was pushed down. “What the hell are you doing!?” Rosa yelled at Kenta. Sanjyu gathered up a ball of magic and threw it at Risasen. But before it could reach her, Kenta got up and blocked it.


“Do you have to kill her!?” “Of course! She’s dangerous!” Risasen returned to normal. “Huh? W-what happened?” “Move, Kenta!” “She didn’t get to live a full life! Do you really have to kill her?” “Ugh, this job isn’t for you!” Rosa ran towards Kenta. “If you won’t move, I’ll just cut through you!” Natalia jumped in front of Kenta. Rosa stopped. “Kenta, what are you doing?” She asked “I’m just giving her a chance to have a life.” “Her life ended years ago!” Rosa yelled, she began grinding her teeth together.


Risasen got up and ran off. “She’s getting away!” Sanjyu yelled. And like that, Risasen disappeared into the night. “Nice going! Dumbass!” “Excuuuuse me for trying to give someone a chance!” “There are no chances! You only live or you die! That’s one of our enemies! What part of this do you not understand!?” “Guys! That is enough! We have the Cometfell Staff. Kenta, I want you to come with me to the kingdom and return this. Sanjyu, head back to the agency with Rosa.” “Ay ay, captain!” Sanjyu conjured up her broom and sat on it. “Hop on!” Without hesitation, Rosa jumped onto the back of the broom and they flew away.

Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 5

Chapter 5- A Failed Mission

“Idiots!” Rosa laughed as she laid down and read her novel. “Of course the killer was Roger! Why would you kill Jake!!!” She yelled into her book. “Rosa.” A voice from the intercom spoke. “Yes, mom?” “We have a mission for you.” “What is it?” “Come to the office.” “I’m not coming til I know what it is.” “Fine, the kingdom was robbed last night.” WHAT!?” Rosa jumped up and into an elevator. “Rosa? Rosa, you there?”

A woman with short blue hair and blue eyes sat at her desk in a burgundy office suit. “Rooooosaaa?” “I’M HERE!!!” Rosa burst through the door. “Oh, like I was saying, the kingdom was robbed.” “What the hell are the guards doing there!?” Rosa wasn’t worried about the stuff in the castle, she was worried about her younger sister, Princess Melody. “Melody is fine.” Ebony, Rosa’s mother, answered her facial expression. “However, the imperial staff was stolen.”

“W-what!? Again, what the hell are those guards doing!? That staff should be the most heavily guarded!” “Yes yes, but it was actually one of the guards who took it. He’s member of the White Wolf Clan, Kazue Takara.” Rosa picked up the office phone and dialed 328. “Hello?” It was Kenta. “Misayo, get me a file check on White Wolf Clan, Kazue Takara.” She ordered him. “It says here he’s the second strongest member of the White Wolf Clan, behind the leader.” “It also says he’s the top thief in the clan and they have him go on all the missions that have to do with stealing things.” “Ok, so we have our culprit…” Kenta hung up the microphone.

Ebony looked at Rosa. “I want you to take Kenta with you.” She spoke. “W-what do you mean!? No way am I taking him!!!” Rosa complained. “Rosa, I told you that the office I put him in was only temporary until I could see what he could really do. If he does good on this mission then I’ll place him on one of our forward lines. But if he does a bad job then I’ll put on one of our back lines.” Rosa looked at her mother and sighed. “…Fine…but if he fucks up, he’s outta here. And I’ll be the one to kick him out.” “That’s fine.”

Ebony spoke on the intercom, “Kenta, could you meet Rosa at the front gate.” As she made her way to the gate, she looked up and saw Kenta standing there panting. “We’re going on, *huff huff* a mission!?” Kenta had a face of excitement. Rosa walked up to him slowly and smiled. “In fact…” She took another step closer and punched him in the chest, hard enough to where he fell to the ground. “Man up, this isn’t a field trip!” She looked down at Kenta as she stepped over him.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He asked her as he got up. “I can give you 5 reasons why I hate you! You don’t belong here is number one.” Rosa shouted, walking off in indignation. Kenta stared and began to catch up to her as they made their way to the White Wolf Clan.

“Uh…you know,” “Shut….the fuck…up.” Rosa didn’t feel like listening. “What? I was just gonna say that a house divided collapses.” “And your point?” “If we don’t start thinking together, our partnership will fall.” “This isn’t a partnership, just a temporary association with two completely different estates.” Rosa said with a scowl on her face. Kenta just rolled his eyes. “You’re so unyielding…” Kenta proclaimed. “Then that means I’m doing my job. As a Teo-nian warrior, it’s best to be on guard….or….” Rosa stopped talking. Like a bright flash, she was gone. “Uh, Rosa..where’d you go?” Kenta looked around. “YOUR ENEMY WILL BE ABLE TO STRIKE FROM ANY DIRECTION!!!” Rosa yelled furiously, pulling her sword to his neck. “AND CATCH YOU OFF GUARD!!! Costing you…” She pushed her sword closer, “your life of course.” She finished her sentence, putting the sword away.

Kenta quivered in fear. “H-ha! I’m not scared. If I was, I wouldn’t have agreed to coming along. Now would I?” “Reason number 2, you’re too cocky….” Rosa said as she walked off, throwing her large sword over her shoulder. “AAAAH! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!” “Did you hear that?” Asked Kenta. “Oh, of course not…” Rosa replied sarcastically. A little girl with black neck length hair, purple eyes, and a small witch hat hanging by strings around her neck. “Rosa! It’s awful!!!” “Oh! Sanjyu. I thought I recognized that scream.” “This is no time for jokes! Nurse Nataliea was kidnapped while we were picking medicinal herbs!!!” Rosa’s eyes grew wide. “And I care, because?” “She’s your friend!” “She’s not my friend. I just come to her when I need help for wounds or something.” “But everyone needs her for treatment too!” “We have more nurses, it’s not like she’s the only nurse working at Teo-ni.” “B-b-b-but!” Sanjyu was shocked by what she was hearing. “This nurse lady sounds familiar….” Kenta announced to himself. “She’s the lady who was in the nurse’s office when I was showing around.” Rosa jogged his memory. “Oh! That lady. Well surely we have to recuse her.” “We don’t HAVE to save her.” Rosa mumbled. “But she was kidnapped by the White Wolf Clan! They said they needed a nurse because their leader was badly wounded! They also had the imperial staff with them as well!” Sanjyu spoke out. “What!? That means…..They couldn’t have gotten far…so we need to save the imperial staff!!!”

Kenta cleared his throat. “Oh, and Nurse Nataliea. I mean, it only makes sense since we’re going that direction anyway.”

(Later on)

“Guys, shhh!” Rosa warned Sanjyu and Kenta while they were hiding behind a bush. They watched as Kazue walked into the headquarters of the White Wolf Clan. It was a large castle like building. “We’ll stkae out here for a while and make our move. Sanjyu, Kenta, please don’t fuck up.” “Hey!” Sanjyu shouted in a whisper tone “it’s not like a screw up….all the time…I’m like a level 10 witch!” “More like a level 2…” Kenta watched the two argue. Until it was dawn.

“OK, nows our chance…” Rosa began tiptoeing. Followed by Sanjyu. Kenta stayed behind the bush. “Something’s not right….” “Kenta, get your ass over here!” Rosa shouted quietly. “Uh…but…I don’t think we should go just yet.” Rosa’s cat ears appeared as she began to sniff into the air. “Huh….WAIT!!!” She picked Sanjyu up and ran back behind the bush. KABOW!!!!! An explosion went off in front of their eyes.

“Th-that was a close one.” “I guess,” Kenta began to brag, “it’s time for you to thank me.” “Reason number 3, you’re so conceded.” “Am not!” “Number 4, childish.” Someone came out of the doorway of the headquarters. It was a female “Hmm…” “That’s the creepy lady from the forest!” Sanjyu pointed out. “Midori the Savage….” Rosa said her name aloud. “Who?” Kenta asked “Reason number 5, clueless. She’s one of the cruelest White Wolf commanders, and the scariest female you might ever meet.They says she’s the way she is because she was raised by wolves…” “Ah, I see.”

“Yoshiro, there’s someone here…” Midori whispered. “Check…behind the bush.” She said with a smile, knowing who was there. Yoshiro, Midori’s pet Cerberus, disappeared. “Where’d he go?” The three asked as Yoshiro slowly snuck up behind them. “Well fuck if I know, we’re not here for them. We’re here for the staff.” As Midori snuck back in behind the doorway, the three stood up. “Rosa, I know a way in! We’ll make our way into the roof and-” “Lost eye…” Midori whispered as she began to control Yoshiro. Yoshiro picked up Sanjyu into his jaws by her green shirt. “AHH!” She screamed. “Sanjyu!” Kenta pulled out his sword, so did Rosa. “Not one more step….or your little friend becomes dog food for my cute little Yoshiro. “Ha! I’ll chop his head off before-” Rosa stopped talking, a sword was held against her neck. “What the?” Midori had used Lost Eye on Kenta. “Well, god damn it….” “Now, if you want to live, I suggest you follow me.” Rosa sighed as she followed Midori, Kenta, and Yoshiro into the head quarters and behind bars. “Now, I don’t want you little kitties trying to escape now.” Midori smiled as she turned her key into the lock of the cage, shutting Rosa, Kenta, and Sanjyu behind the bars.

Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 4

Chapter 4- No Turning Back

The coach stopped and Kenta looked out the window. “Woah! This is the Teo-ni Company!?” The building was a large eggshell white building surrounded by water. There were also blue crystals aligned down the path to the building. They were also decorated upon the building which made it even more shimmering.

They got out of the coach and paid for the ride and tea pot. “Stop gawking and come on.” Rosa commanded him. “Well, I guess I’m off!” Hitomi skipped away to the building. “Ugh, now I have to show you around.” They walked inside and it was even more beautiful. The floors were marble and looked like the glass windows in a church. There walls were also eggshell white and aligned with blue crystals.

As they walked down the hall, many people greeted Kenta as, “Ritsuko’s Son.” Only a few people said “Hi Kenta.” Finally, they stopped at a small door. “Open it.” Rosa commanded. Kenta opened the door. It was a small cube shaped room with a desk and a computer. Tons of paper work were piled up. “What the fuck…” “I said we were gonna put you in an office  and call for emergencies…small ones.” “I thought you were joking.” “See this face?” She wasn’t smiling, “this is the face of someone who’s not joking. Now come on.”

She’d shown him several rooms and skipped the “Authorized Members Only” doors. “This is the nurse’s office. Soooo say you to, I don’t know, get stabbed in the back.” Rosa pulled a sword out on him when he turned his back on her. “You’d come here and probably be here to recover for a few weeks.” She said as she was about to thrust her sword forward. “ROSA!” “I-I wasn’t about to kill him!” She yelled as a girl with pink eyes and black hair rushed down the stairs of the nurse’s office. She was wearing a white dress and a hat with a red plus sign on it. “Huh? Kill who?”

“Uh, nothing. Suzuki, this is Kenta Misayo, the newest member of Teo-ni. Kenta, this is Suzuki. She’s the slutty nurse. So if you need someone to give head she’s your girl.” Suzuki smiled at Rosa. “That is so not true, brat.”  Rosa smiled back, “Keep talking bitch.” “Uh, I’m confused, are you two friends or not?” “We’re very close…Kenta, right?” “Yea.” The girls threw a few more friendly insults at each other before they left.

“This is your room. B 14. Sadly, it’s close to my room…B 17.” Rosa growled as she opened the door. The floor had red carpet and a white table in the corner with a note pad and pencils and pens beside  as sharpener. The bed had soft brown covers and it faced the window. “I that draw are some cloths for you to wear. The next room is that bathroom, and here’s the remote for that TV. If you need anything, please hesitate to ask.” She turned around. “Wait! Why do I need a room?” “To sleep.” “So there’s no working by day and go home by night?” “No, there is if it’s a holiday or something but in general no.”

Now seemed like a good time for Rosa to have Kenta sign a agreement paper. “Here, sign this.” “What is it?” “It’s some agreement document saying that you will officially be apart of the Teo-ni Company and this legally binds you. However, if you sign this you can’t go home until we’re done with you…who knows when you’ll ever see your family again.” Rosa said in a sad voice, trying to sound convincing.

“I’ll sign it.” “What!?” “I’ve made it here already, what sense is it to leave? The moment I stepped out my house I decided there’s no turning back.” “I hate how stubborn he is! But I have to say, I’m impressed by his determination.” Rosa thought to herself. Kenta grabbed the paper and signed it in pen.

Rosa stood there, astonished. Then she became angry. “This isn’t over, Kenta Misayo.” She walked down 3 doors down and into her room. “So. This is it.” “Yep, sure is.” Kenta looked around to find the mysterious voice he just heard. “Dude, I’m behind you.” A guy came into the room. He had a brown leather vest on with that had a white long sleeved short on. He wore black pants and his blonde hair covered on of his blue eyes.

“Who are you?” “My name’s Satomi.” He answered with his back leaning against the threshold in a cool pose. “AND I’M HIS TWIN SISTER SATAKO!!!” A girl fell from the ceiling. She was dressed just like him but she wore a black skirt and her hair was longer. “We understand you’re the new guy around here.” “Yea, I’m pretty excited to be working with you guys.” “Well we’re not!” Satako yelled. “What do you mean?”

Satomi walked closer. “Lets get some ground rules straight. We’re Rosa’s friends and this is our turf, got it? So don’t get in our way. If you do, all I can say is drastic times call for drastic measures.” “With that said, I bid thee farewell.” The girl bowed and they left.

“Well, this will be interesting…” Kenta signed as he closed the door.