Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Class Is In Session


Before Elena and Natalia left the two in complete shock, she gave them a new room number. They both walked silently down the hall, not saying a word to each other as they headed into their separate rooms and began to pack their stuff. Eager to be the first one to the room, Rosa packed her things quickly, clothes and books, and ran off to the new room. Kenta, however, had a lot of things to pack. Not only did he have to pack his clothes, but also pictures he brought with him, pendent from his father, a bag full of things such as color pencils, pens, speakers, various cords, shoes, and his sword. He lugged his heavy bag down and looked for the room number. Rosa took the paper with their new room number on it so Kenta wouldn’t know what room to go to, but luckily he got a glimpse of the paper. In fact, their new room was on a completely different floor. “C 10. Finally made it.” Kenta looked around the room hoping she wouldn’t be in there, and she wasn’t. At first, he couldn’t tell if she had actually been in to room or not. But then he spotted a framed picture on a brown dresser beside the bed and in front the window. It was a little girl with short blue hair that was curled inward and blue eyes. She had on a lavender dress with tiny ribbons around the collar. Next to the little girl were two other people. A short blue haired woman with blue eyes. “Hmm, that looks like Ms.Elena.” Next to Elena was a little girl in a baby blue dress with tiny ribbons around the collar. She had blonde hair and green eyes. “That must be the girl I met at the castle. Princess Melody? So that must be Rosa. She looks a lot nicer in the photo than she does in real life.” Looking at the picture, Kenta declared that she might have been 5 or 6 in the picture.

“Sigh I should organize my stuff.” Kenta took all his things out his bag. As he went to hang up his closet, he saw Rosa’s clothes. He slid them over and hung his up. He didn’t know where to put his shoes so he put them all in one pile beside the dresser and stuffed the rest of his stuff in all the draws except the third draw. “Hm, I should sleep in my old room one last time.” Kenta said as he left the room, closing the door behind him. Rosa finally came from out of the bathroom, she’d been hiding there waiting for him to leave. “Ugh, look at this mess. I’m gonna have to clean up around here. Well, there’s nothing of mine that needs to go, it’s all of the boy’s junk all over the place.”

Rosa went into a janitor’s closet across the hall and got a trash bag. As she walked in, she saw a note on the bed. “I’ll be sleeping in my old room but only for tonight. -Kenta. Well would you look at that, he thinks I care. At least I have the bed to myself. Now, time to get rid of this junk.”



Kenta got out of bed with a grin on his face, greeting everyone he passed by. He felt so drained from the day he had yesterday that a good sleep was what he needed. “What’s up, guys?” Kenta said as he stopped in the hallway, greeting Satomi and Satako. “What’s wrong with you? Moron.” Said the twins simultaneously  ‘I’m just feeling good today.” Kenta said as he ran off to his new room. Rosa was still sleeping til she hear the room door open. “Hey? where did my stuff go?” “Yawn…stuff?” “Yea! My shoes, and other stuff.” “Oh, that. I put everything you really need in some drews and others in the closet. You don’t need that many pairs of shoes.” Rosa laid back down. “Hey, don’t we have to train? Why are you going back to sleep?” “I have 30 more minutes.” her words faded as she dozed off.

“Junk?” Kenta began searching around. Rosa threw away 4 pairs of his shoes, leaving him with two. She’d also thrown away photos he brought with him, but only ones that didn’t have Ariyia, Nemay, or Ritsuki in them. “Hm, at least she has SOME heart.” As he searched through his stuff, he sees that she really didn’t leave him much. But what he was looking for was his pendent that he got from his dad. “Where is it!?” Just then, Rosa’s alarm went off and she sprung up like a flower in spring.  “Rosa! Did you see a red pendent in here!?” “Oh, you mean that piece of junk? You don’t need it.” Suddenly, Kenta felt enraged. “That was my father’s pendent!” “Oh…too bad then.” Rosa got up and took her clothes into the bathroom with her. Kenta just sat there, staring off into the distance. “You should get dressed!” She yelled from the bathroom. When Rosa walked passed Kenta to the door, she noticed he was staring at her. For some reason, it felt as if there was a spear piercing her soul. “S-stop staring at me, dumbass!”

The two walked to the Unit’s training area outside, but they still didn’t talk to each other. “Oh um, w-who are you?” a girl walked up behind Kenta. She had light brunette hair that was curly and purple eyes that were behind round glasses sitting on her face.. “Oh, my name’s Kenta. Kenta Misayo.” “Kenta Misayo!? You’re Ritsuki’s son, correct?” “Yep.” The girl held out her hand and said, “I-I’m Yuki Michiyo.” Kenta shook her hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” Yuki bowed. “How do you know my dad?” Kenta asked. “When my mom worked here, she said that Ritsuki was one of the top swordsmen here. She took pictures of his amazing sword. I’ve been closely observing your family ever since…” Rosa came over and said, “So, you’re a stalker?” “W-what!? No no no, what I do is very different from a stalker.” She said with a sweet smile. “Oh really? Then what do you do?” “I just observe the Misayo family’s daily agenda from a close distance but not so close to be seen and I note things.” Yuki turned to Kenta, “But I observe you the most. I know you that you’re 17 years old, your blood type is AB+, your favorite color is black, you have one sister and no brothers. Your father, when in his true form, is a Humbata and your mother is an angel and your sister is an angel too. But since she is young she has fairy wings. You’re an Humbata too but you have angel wings.”

Kenta looked around him. “Eh, I don’t see wings and I don’t look very much like a Humbata either…” Yuki sighed, “Silly, it takes practice trying to unleash your true form. However, you are 17 and you should have mastered it years ago.” “What?” Just then, Satako and Satomi showed up. “Well, it appears Kenta isn’t as smart as others are.” Said Satomi and it mocking voice. “That’s too bad. He’ll never be as good as his father.” Said Satako. Both of them wrapped their arms around Rosa’s arm and said simultaneously, “Isn’t that right, boss?” Rosa replied by saying, “Yes, I suppose you’re right.” They walked off. “D-don’t mind the twins. They’re just Kitsunes.” “Kitsunes?” Kenta asked. “A Kitsune is a fox with nine tails and are suppose to be intelligent creatures. They can shapeshift, fly, become invisible, and also make lightning and fire.” “You seem to know a lot about people around here.” “Well of course, I like to keep my tabs on people. Especially you.” Yuki said as she winked and skipped away.

“Everyone, line up!” Yelled a girl’s voice on a bullhorn. Everyone looked around and it was Rosa in front of a building. “What is she doing?” “The General of this training unit, General Dor, says that Rosa is his most promising student….basically, she’s the teacher’s pet. He lets her do things like this.” Kenta looked around for the voice that answered his question. “Right here.” Kenta looked around and there was a guy behind him. He was wearing a gray somewhat jogging suit jacket with white lines and black pants. He had long silver hair, red eyes, and a brownish curled horn on one side of his head and one sticking straight up on the other side. “Oh um…hi?” “You must be new here, my name is Yasushi Tatsuya…” “My name’s–” “Kenta Misayo….Yuki told me…” “Oh. Well um, hi.” “You said that…” There was an awkward silence between the two. Kenta just slowly turned back around towards Rosa.”

“General Dor said he’s tidying up some stuff in his office for right now. But he wants me to announce that today, we will be practicing by having one on one battles and unleashing forms.” Everyone said “Oooooh.” Just then, a door opened behind her and a man came out of the building. On his torso armor, was a golden crest above his chest in the shape of a sword pointing downward with wings angel wings spreading from the back. His shoulder was surrounded in golden shoulder pad armor. His lower half consisted of blue hakamas. On his feet were socks and straw flip flops. His greenish hair went to his neck and covered over one of his golden eyes. “Rosa, have you informed them of what we will be doing today?” “Yes sir General Dor sir!” General Dor scanned the crowd of people. “Hm…who is that?” “That is Kenta Misayo. He our newest recruit.” “Misayo? Son of Ritsuki?” “Yes sir General Dor sir.” “KENTA MISAYO! PLEASE STEP FORWARD!” The crowd parted, leaving Kenta in the middle of the clearing. He walked up to General Dor and said, “Hm?” Rosa grabbed him by his shirt and yelled, “You do not say “hm” when speaking to General Dor! When you are talking to him, you say “Sir”! And when you’re answering a yes or no question, you answer with “Yes sir” or “No sir”!!! Do you understand, cadet!?”

“Y-yes sir! I-I mean I understand!” Rosa glared at him. “Hmph, don’t get yourself killed, moron.” She said as she turned away and walked off laughing. “You look a lot like your father.” Said General Dor. Kenta looked down a little and said, “I get that a lot, sir.” “You must also be a great swordsman like your father, I presume?” “Oh, I-I’m working on it sir.” “I’m expecting great things from you. In fact, how about we start a the training with you first?” General Dor smiled. “I can’t do that, sir.” At first General Dor stared at him with a confused look on his face, Then he laughed. “Ahahah, you’re funny just like your old man. Kenta gave a little fake laugh. “Oh!” Rosa looked up, “Why don’t we put him up against Yasushi!” “He’s pretty strong, I don’t know about that.” “Wait, sir.” Rosa put her hand over Kenta’s mouth. “I’m sure he can handle him. I mean, he’s the son of a great swordsman, with great skills and a master at form training.”

“Ah, you’re right.” General Dor agreed with Rosa. Rosa handed him a bullhorn. “Satako and Satomi, I want you two to to go up against Kenta.” General Dor smiled. “Make sure you go easy on him son.” he laughed as he walked off. Kenta started trembling in fear. He ran to Yuki. “You gotta help me here!” Kenta was panicking. “Calm down, if you’re lucky enough you won’t be shredded to bits….hopefully.” Kenta looked Yuki wide-eyed. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Rosa didn’t order them to tear you to kill you.” Just then, Rosa, with Satako and Satomi. “You’re dead, loser.” Satomi and Satako echoed her saying, “Yea, loser.” and walked off.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll live. The worst that could happen is that you could be armless.” Yuki said with a smile. Then there was a ding. “Listen up! Yasushi and Kenta, I want you two to both fight with your weapons so I can see your skills in that area. Then when you hear another ding, you will change into your forms so I can see what ya got. When I blow this whistle, it’s time to stop. Understood?” “Yes, sir.” Yasushi and Kenta answered simultaneously. The two were led to a wide, dusty platform on the ground with a line through the middle. Kenta stood on the right and Yasushi stood on the left. Kenta thought to himself. “Ok, all I have to do is take him out with  my sword before the bell rings.ding. After the ding sound, Kenta pulled out his sword and so did Yasushi. Kenta noticed that his sword looked a little weird, almost as if it had a gun on it. Then Yasushi began to load it and shot. Luckily, Kenta pulled up his sword just in time. “A-are you crazy, did you just try to shoot me?’ “Don’t worry, I know where to shoot so I won’t kill you.” Yasushi said as he charged at Kenta. Kenta put his sword in front of him again to dodge his attack.
“You’re pretty fast.” said Yasushi with an impressed sound in his voice. “But can you stop…this! Frostic Blast!” Yasushi yelled as he thrust his sword into the ground, The earth started to rumble as ice blades formed around Kenta. “Hey! No fair!” Kenta yelled as he looked around. “Damn it, I can;t see a thing.” “Hmph, this is gonna be a quick battle.” Yasushi laughed. “Oh right! What was that move that dad taught me!?” Kenta asked himself he looked around. “That;s right! Air Slicer!” he yelled. Kenta swung his sword all around, creating a circle around him. It expanded, and sliced the ice. Yasushi came back down, astonished that he was able to break the thick ice barrier around him. General Dor clapped, saying “That was Ritsuki’s favorite move.” then he continued to watch the match. Rosa looked at General Dor, then back at Kenta and growled. Yasushi started shooting bullets from the sky and Kenta would dodge or block them. Ding. “Damn it!!!” Rosa began to laugh hysterically, General Dor looked at her. “Are you alright?” “Y-yes sir General Dor sir.”

“Ok, it’s time to change into your forms!” Kenta stood there, almost like he was a statue. “Yes! The fear in his eyes! This is just wonderful!” Rosa thought to herself. A smile was on her face so wide that it was almost like it spread to the back of her head. “Uh…” “Nervous…?” Yasushi asked. “Pfft. No way!” Kenta laughed sarcastically. A strong wind picked up, forming around Yasushi. He then began chanting an incantation.  Suddenly, there was a giant ram in front of him. But it had sharp teeth, and one curled horn with the other pointed out in the air. The hoofs were sharp at the end. Kenta sat there and fear, thinking to himself. “What am I going to do now!?” “Oh, Kenta. What are you going to do now.” Rosa laughed in her head. Rosa looked at General Dor’s face, he seemed discouraged. “What’s wrong sir General Dor sir?” “It seems like he might not know what he’s doing…” “Oh, really? Maybe he doesn’t know how to change forms. It’s just a wild guess.” “Hmm…”

Meanwhile, Kenta was running from Yasushi who was chasing around the platform. Kenta tripped but as he got up, Yasushi rammed into him, causing him to fly into a tree. “Ah!” he screamed in fear. Yasushi raised his hoof and tried to step on him. Kenta took out his sword and kept blocking his hoofs. “Stop!” Yasushi then kicked him, stabbing him in the side of his stomach. “Ow!” Kenta screamed in pain. Clutching his side, he couldn’t get up. “General Dor,” Rosa chimed in, “I think you can blow the whistle now.” “In a real fight, a whistle doesn’t stop what’s going on.” “I know I know, but I think that now, would be a good time to stop the fight.” “No, this is training.” Rosa glared at General Dor and said, “As the future Heir of this company, I demand you blow that whistle.” As she was talking to General Dor, who was standing his ground, Yasushi started walking backwards, preparing to ram Kenta with his pointy horn.

Rosa looked up, to see him running towards Kenta. “Ugh, persistent little…” Rosa ran out onto the platform and stood in front of Kenta as Yasushi ran forward. “Ugh…stupid…ram.” Rosa said as the horn stabbed through her stomach. Kenta looked up. “R-Rosa?” “Rosa? What?” Yasushi had been looking down so he didn’t know who his horn went through. He pulled away and Rosa fell to the ground. Kenta crawled up to her. “Rosa, why did you–” “S-shut up, y-you dumbass. Why is everything….so blurry…?” Rosa said right before she fainted. A crowd circled around her saying, “Is she OK?” or “Someone call the nurse!”

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