Alliance in the Warlands: Chapter 9

Chapter 9- Rightfully Mine

Kenta was sitting in the infirmary looking around. “Oh, a stethoscope!” He picked it up, but as soon as he heard footsteps, he put it back. A woman with blue hair and red eyes came into the room. “Who are you?” “I’m the Nurse. I met you when you first came here. My name is Suzuki, Suzuki Omi. I’m Natalia’s older sister.” “Really? I didn’t know Nurse Natalia had a sister.” “Oh, she’s just ashamed of me because she thinks I’m irresponsible.” She said as she left the room. “Natalia!” “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Natalia said as she walked down the stairs of the Nurse’s office door. “Ugh, why are you so lazy. Can’t you handle a patient yourself?” “I can, but you do it so well, I don’t wanna cramp your style.” Suzuki said as she pinched Natalia’s cheeks, leaving the room afterwards.

Sigh I can’t believe her.” Natalia said as she slid the curtains back of the patient bed. “Rosa? W-what happened to her?” Natalia asked, looking into the gaping hole in her stomach. Natalia began rushing around her office, grabbing bandages, disinfectant, and stitches. “She was attacked by a giant ram!” “What!?” “I know, right!? Out of all the crazy things!” “No! It sounds like she was fighting with Yasushi. Why?” Natalia asked as she lifted Rosa’s shirt a little, disinfecting it. “Ow……” Rosa began to open her eyes. Natalia punched her in the face, causing her to become unconscious again. “Why’d you do that?” “She needs to be asleep for this. Now tell me what happened?” “Well, we were training and I had to fight Yasushi. Rosa jumped in front of me and Yasushi ran into her with his horn.” As Natalia was treating Rosa, she noticed that Kenta had blood on his short. “What happened to you?” “Oh, Yasushi kicked me in the side. Nurse Suzuki already treated me, it’s nothing serious.” Kenta answered.

As Natalia turned Rosa over, the pendent that Kenta thought she threw out fell onto the floor. “What? I thought she threw this away.” Natalia looked over at him, just as she finished stitching in the last stitch. “Huh? That’s Ritsuki’s old pendent. She’d never throw that out.” “Wait, why would she have something of my father’s?” “Rosa still worked here in her younger years, so she knew Ritsuki for a little while. She gave that pendent to him as a gift to thank him for being a great father to her.” “Father? To her?” “Well, Rosa didn’t know who her father was but Ritsuki was kind to her and she looked up to him as a father figure. The day before the invasion, he sent everything he sent the pendent to the your home so it wouldn’t get lost or stolen.”

“Really?” Kenta looked down at the pendent. “Yea. He told her that if she ever found it again, she could keep it as a memento.” Kenta looked down at the pendent once more and took it off. “I guess she needs it more than I do.” Kenta took off his necklace and clipped it around Rosa’s neck. Just then, Rosa began to wake up. “W-where am I?…Ow.” Rosa sat up really slowly. “You’re in the infirmary. I never would have thought that you would ever be a patient of mines.” “What are you doing in here?” Rosa looked at Kenta. “Hey, I was the one who carried you. At least I could get a thank you.” “Hmph, nope.” Rosa looked down at the necklace on and took it off, stuffing it into her pocket. “I-I’m keeping it! So don’t even ask!” Rosa looked off the the side. “You can keep it.” Rosa became wide-eyed and silent for a minute. “Ha! D-don’t think I’m saying thank you or anything…” she said as she looked at the blood on Kenta’s shirt. “Are you alright? Not that I care or anything.” “I’m alright. Why did you jump in front of me?” Rosa looked at Kenta for a while and got up. Walking up to the stairs of the infirmary, she stopped and said, “I’m not one to break a promise.”

Rosa opened the door and left. “Hmm…a promise?” Kenta looked at Natalia with a quizzical look.


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